Mamagreen Aiko Collection

Designed by Vincent Cantaert

The Aiko collection consists of lounge, dining and bar furniture. The lounge collection has modular components that clip together and are easily moved (when needed) to create different configurations to suit your lifestyle needs. They feature premium Sunbrella fabrics and quick-dry foam on a recycled teak frame that has a unique “drift-look” appearance.

The dining tables feature 3-way moveable legs so that you can find the position that best suits you and your entertaining needs. The bar table complements the rest of the series beautifully. The Aiko collection’s furniture all features HPL (compact high-pressure laminate) which is Italian-manufactured and stands up to the Australian climate.

Aiko dining collection specification sheet

Aiko lounge collection specification sheet

Also note that the Aiko collection can be made to your specifications.

aiko lounge deep module (armless) aiko lounge deep module (right) AIK01 From $2411.00
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New aiko lounge comfort 1 aiko lounge comfort 1-seater AIK02.2 $3215.00
Aiko Lounge Comfort Module (Armless) - Original/Slate/Sailor aiko lounge comfort module (right) AIK02 From $2679.00
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Aiko Lounge Comfort Ottoman - Original/Slate/Sailor aiko lounge comfort ottoman AIK03 $1641.00
Aiko Lounge Multifit Ottoman - Original/Slate/Sailor aiko lounge multifit ottoman AIK04 $1808.00
Aiko Lounge Deep Ottoman - Original/Slate/Sailor aiko lounge deep ottoman AIK05 $2110.00
Aiko Lounger - Original/Slate/Sailor aiko lounger AIK06 $3316.00
aiko multifit table aiko multifit table AIK07 $1942.00
Aiko Outdoor Rolling Table (Small) - Original aiko outdoor rolling table (small) AIK20 $502.00
aiko outdoor rolling table (large) aiko outdoor rolling table (large) AIK21 $736.00
Aiko Outdoor Dining Table 300cm - Original/Slate aiko outdoor dining table 300cm AIK50 From $4220.00
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Aiko Outdoor Dining Table 240cm - Original/Slate aiko outdoor dining table 240cm AIK51 From $3785.00
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aiko outdoor bench 220cm aiko outdoor bench 220cm AIK52 From $1842.00
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aiko outdoor bar table 200cm aiko outdoor bar table 200cm AIK54 From $2545.00
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aiko outdoor box aiko outdoor box AIK55 $2579.00