ALLUX Bar Chair
ALLUX Bar Chair
ALLUX Bar Chair
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DAISY MAE Swivel Bar Chair
DAISY MAE Swivel Bar Chair
DAISY RAE Swivel Bar Chair
DAISY RAE Swivel Bar Chair
OLAF Bar Chair
OLAF Bar Chair

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Outdoor Bar Chairs

Make your outdoor space versatile and adaptable with the addition of outdoor bar chairs and stools.

If you want your outdoor space to be an area that you can easily entertain guests, or to make the most of the space that you have, then a bar chair is the right seating choice for your backyard.

Bar chairs have been designed to give people a place to perch, to make it easy for you jump out of your seat and mingle with guests. There is an air of casual elegance when you have bar stools. Their height makes it so easy for you to sit or lean upon them, and as they are usually narrower and more compact than other seating styles, you can seat more people, or use them as the perfect seating option for smaller outdoor spaces.

At Mamagreen we’ve got a collection of outdoor bar stools and chairs for your outdoor space that you can shop from anywhere in Australia.

Stylish Outdoor Bar Chairs and Stools that have been made to last

At Mamagreen, we know what it takes to create long lasting and durable outdoor furniture, and our collection of outdoor bar stools and chairs is no exception.

We focus on creating high quality bar chairs that can withstand the rugged Australian weather conditions and still look incredible while doing so.

The materials we use in our bar chairs include hardwood teak timber, upholstered weatherproof fabrics like Sunbrella canvas, and powder coated aluminium, to name a few. The versatility of these materials means that you can create the right outdoor bar stool to suit your needs and style.

These materials are not only versatile, but they are also durable and very carefully chosen to ensure we’re reducing our carbon footprint where possible. Our focus on sustainability means that we only use materials that are ethically sourced and are either already recycled materials or recyclable. Ninety percent of the timber teak we use in our designs is sourced from abandoned buildings and regulated plantations.

We purposely choose these materials to last a long time because we don’t want to make bar chairs, stools or any outdoor furniture that is essentially disposable. That’s the Mamagreen difference – your outdoor furniture is going to last the long haul.

When you choose Mamagreen for your outdoor bar chairs and furniture, you’re making an environmentally conscious and eco-friendly decision.

Customise Your Outdoor Bar Chairs and Stools with Mamagreen

Something that sets Mamagreen apart from other outdoor furniture retailers is our customisation abilities. We work closely with our customers to help them create the right piece of outdoor furniture to suit them. You can customise every aspect of your bar chair or stool, from the size to the colour, the finish to the materials – we can work with you to create your ideal bar chair for your outdoor area.

From your initial consultation, through to the design, customisation and of course delivery of your new outdoor bar stool, we will be with you every step of the way.

You can enjoy our tailored service both online and in person at our showrooms in Sydney and Melbourne. And you can shop from anywhere in Australia, with delivery available for our outdoor bar chairs, stools, and entire furniture range available Australia-wide.

Shop outdoor barstools in Australia today with Mamagreen.


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