Round Outdoor Lounges

Tailored Outdoor lounge furniture for Any Backyard

True Outdoor Quality

Designed to last in any outdoor environment, MAMAGREEN furniture is manufactured using a majority recycled or recyclable materials.

Whether you would like to put your new round outdoor setting exposed completely in the sun, rain or near a marine environment it is built to endure it all.

Tailored Lounge Options for Any Backyard

Built to Last

Designed for Comfort

Suitable for All Weather

Designed to last in any outdoor environment, Mamagreen furniture is manufactured using premium quality materials from brands like Serge Ferrari, Sunbrella and Twitchell.

100% Waterproof

Mamagreen outdoor tables will withstand tough marine environments like rain storms and salty sea breezes without any effect on the tables.

Fade Resistant

Made to edure in the harsh Australian sun by using the best available table tops form recycled teaks or innovative Italian High-Pressure Laminate.

Outdoor living spaces have increasingly become the focus of home décor and lifestyle trends. One striking element gaining popularity in modern backyards are round outdoor lounges, also known as circular outdoor lounges or curved outdoor lounges. These innovatively designed pieces are transforming the dynamics of outdoor interaction and enhancing the aesthetic appeal.

The Appeal of Round Outdoor Lounges

Unique Dynamics for Backyards

Round outdoor lounges introduce a fresh, unique dynamic to backyards. Their circular design stands out from the traditional linear layouts, creating a distinctive centrepiece that captivates the eye. The curved structure encourages more organic interaction, as guests naturally face each other, facilitating seamless engagement and conversation.

Creating a Communal Space

Circular outdoor lounges excel at fostering a communal environment. They bring an intimate ambience to outdoor spaces, where everyone can be part of the conversation. Their inclusive design creates a shared, engaging space that perfectly suits social gatherings, from casual weekend barbecues to elegant evening cocktail parties.

Popular Materials and Designs

From enduring alluminium to modern fabric and endless colour options, round outdoor lounges come in a variety of materials to suit different tastes and weather conditions. To learn more about all the outdoor materials we use follow this link.

Frame Material

Constructed from Alloy 6063, our aluminum frame round outdoor lounges are renowned for their excellent durability and lightweight nature. This alloy is popular in the furniture industry due to its resistance to corrosion, making it an ideal choice for outdoor furniture.

Additionally, these lounge frames undergo an electrostatic powder coating process, which significantly improves their UV resistance. This makes our lounges capable of enduring the harsh Australian elements, including the intense sun, without compromising their visual appeal. The colours used in this procedure are selected to not only make them rust-resistant but also boost their resilience in chlorine and marine environments.

Cushion Material

The comfort of an outdoor lounge largely relies on the quality of its cushions. Our cushions are covered with Sunbrella fabric, a high-performance outdoor fabric made in the USA. Known for its extreme UV resistance, Sunbrella fabric does not fade easily, even under intense sunlight. This water-repellent fabric is more wear-resistant than typical outdoor fabrics, ensuring the cushions retain their appearance and texture over time.

Cushion Core

The core of our cushions uses a unique QuickDry solution, patented for its superior performance in outdoor settings. This advanced solution features larger than usual foam cell sizes, which enhance water flow through the cushion, effectively draining water and avoiding moisture buildup that could lead to mold formation. This makes our cushions not only comfortable but also remarkably resilient against all weather conditions.

Care and Maintenance

While our materials are designed to withstand the elements, regular cleaning and maintenance can further prolong their lifespan and keep your lounge looking brand new. We recommend using additional outdoor covers to shield the lounges when not in use. This simple measure can significantly enhance the durability and longevity of your round outdoor lounge.

The Advantages of Choosing Round Outdoor Lounges

Facilitating Better Conversations

The structure of round lounges inherently facilitates face-to-face interaction. Unlike rectangular or square configurations where some guests might feel left out, the curved outdoor lounge design puts everyone in the conversational circle. This naturally promotes better engagement and interaction among guests.

Optimizing Space

Round outdoor lounges are excellent space savers. The rounded shape can be conveniently fitted into corners or can be centrally placed without wasting space, making them an optimal choice for smaller backyards. Additionally, their typically compact design allows more room for other backyard amenities, be it a grill, pool, or garden.

Stylish and Modern Aesthetics

Modern, chic, and stylish, round outdoor lounges add a touch of contemporary aesthetics to any outdoor setting. They not only provide functional seating space but also serve as an art piece, uplifting the visual appeal of your backyard. Whether it's a minimalist design or a plush, luxurious model, the circular outdoor lounge is a design statement that showcases your unique style.

To sum it up, round outdoor lounge, with its communal design, space optimization, and aesthetic appeal, are reshaping the way we envision our outdoor spaces. They offer an engaging, comfortable, and stylish solution to elevate your backyard experience. So, why not consider adding a circular outdoor lounge to your own haven of relaxation? It could be the very thing your outdoor space has been waiting for.